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Surfing in Lanzarote 2013

Who knows what possessed me to go and learn to surf this November, but the call of the sea was unquestionable, so off I went to find the nearest waves available. It turns out this would be Lanzarote or Portugal, and by the looks of the huge waves in Portugal recently, I think Lanzarote was […]

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Aurora Borealis

After a long debate about where to travel to next, I suddenly settled on Iceland. It wasn’t in my original plan since I wanted somewhere sunny and warm. But after checking out the Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Greenwich Observatory, I realised that it might be time to see the Northern Lights […]

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Fine Art

‘Over the Hill’ is a photographic journey involving a guy with Parkinsons Disease (Tim Andrews) who has been photographed by over 180 photographers.  Below is my contribution, created in Hampstead Heath this October, entitled by Tim ‘Softly, As You Leave Me’.  You can catch the rest of the journey here: OverTheHill

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Light Writing

Writing with light on a long exposure is a lot of fun, especially since the results are always a nice surprise and although it takes a little patience, with a bit of experimentation, its better than using the sometimes fake looking photoshop effects available.  Below are a couple of examples. Creation: Inspired by my recent […]

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Yoga & Shakti Dance

Dirish Shaktidas is a holistic therapist, specialising in yoga, shakti dance and laser light quantum healing.  His positively mysterious character is like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

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Woodgrain testing

Usually, I photograph people, I love expressions on faces and unusual face shapes… so I wasnt sure when I was asked to photograph some peices of wood. The word “wooden” is often used to describe a person if they are lacking in personality or expression, but as you can see from this sample of wood, its far from […]

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Berlin 2012

[mantra-column width=”1/2″]I recently took a trip to Berlin. Whilst out sightseeing in the blazing summer heat (32 degrees!) and walking off my hangover from the previous night, I came across the Holocaust Memorial. What a beautiful place! An ever changing landscape of shadows. People were quietly wandering through the maze of pillars, playfully hiding from […]

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