OK, so I have a slightly unusual name (and my mum thinks she isn’t creative!). It’s been suggested that I call this site PhotoJennik (photogenic, get it?). As you can see, I’m still debating the option. Not sure it would go with my ever-so-serious profile picture. I do actually spend most of my time smiling, but this is my face when I’m concentrating.

Jennika Argent Self Portrait 2008

As a kid, the plan was to become a scientist, but I don’t really suit the lab coat and goggles look. Whilst studying for a degree in Graphic Design at Middlesex University, I was presented with a photography module, which I was intrigued by, having never been drawn to photography previously. That is where it all started. At first I was taking pictures of inanimate objects for the brief, but I soon realised that it’s people who really inspire me. I love random encounters with new people and capturing some of their uniqueness in a picture, it brings me a sense of connection and harmony with my environment.

Last year I was contacted by Getty Images to contribute to their world-class online library of stock images. This website aims to show the broad range of photography that I offer, which now includes my first set of landscapes ‘London Pavements’, which was exhibited at the Candid Arts Gallery in 2013. These prints will shortly be available for purchase.

My portfolio is entirely in digital format and retouching is kept to a bare minimum, often images are left completely untouched where possible.

Further galleries of travel and events going back to 2006 can be found on Flickr, including sets from Ghana, Iceland, China, Bolivia, Germany, Morocco, Spain, Thailand, Italy and London. Here is a link to my freshest and most recent pictures!


My clients have ranged from corporate lawyers, entrepreneurs, occupational therapists and property developers, through to musicians, yoga teachers, actors, healers and astrologers. A sample client list is below. If you would like to add your name to this prestigious list, then I’d love to hear from you!

Getty Images, CitiStudio (Spitalfields Branch) ; Squire Sanders (UK) LLP; Vedder Price LLP; Capital Ideas; Altium Securities; Hair2Inspire; Viva Beauty ; Make Chocolates; Lanyero Collections; Calco Services Ltd; Monster Baby; Designs by Dezra; Devas Studios; The Fremen Music