Surfing in Lanzarote 2013

Who knows what possessed me to go and learn to surf this November, but the call of the sea was unquestionable, so off I went to find the nearest waves available. It turns out this would be Lanzarote or Portugal, and by the looks of the huge waves in Portugal recently, I think Lanzarote was the safe bet!

risco de famara reflection

I didnt expect to fall in love with Famara beach, but it really is a spectacular beach. Here are a couple of images to whet your appetite. Not only was it great for surfing, kite-surfing, running and exercise, its beautiful and romantic. I lose count of the amount of practically guaranteed sexy sunsets every evening.

silouhette of child on beach

The beach is so long and flat that when the waves coat the sand in water, it becomes really refelctive, giving rise to my favourite reflections!

Famara Beach Surfers Reflection

For the rest of the set, check out Flickr!

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