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Berlin 2012

[mantra-column width=”1/2″]I recently took a trip to Berlin. Whilst out sightseeing in the blazing summer heat (32 degrees!) and walking off my hangover from the previous night, I came across the Holocaust Memorial. What a beautiful place! An ever changing landscape of shadows. People were quietly wandering through the maze of pillars, playfully hiding from each other, stealing secret kisses and dangerously jumping from pillar to pillar. Here are a few images from my encounter… the rest of the set can be seen on Flickr: Holocaust Memorial

The image to the right was taken using a slightly longer shutter speed, I was just seeing how this would affect the depth of field, when a woman walked hastily past my camera. My finger automatically hits the shutter and she came out as a ghostly blur. I didnt have my camera set to RAW unfortunately, so I only have this as a small jpeg, but still glad I caught it:[mantra-column width=”1/2″][/mantra-column]

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I heard what sounded like the voices of 3 elderly Spanish men giggling and laughing, coming from above me. Since I can understand Spanish, I knew they were jumping from pillar to pillar, so I waited patiently for this shot. A few minutes later, whoosh. Just caught him, not so elderly looking though!

A short meander to the quieter end by the park and I come across a silver-haired couple lost in a kiss. They barely notice me walking past, and so I took a sneaky snap.

The below is a set of abstract images taken by gently turning the camera as I take a shot with a slower shutter speed. Then I added some subtle colours in the post production.

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