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Fine Art

‘Over the Hill’ is a photographic journey involving a guy with Parkinsons Disease (Tim Andrews) who has been photographed by over 180 photographers.  Below is my contribution, created in Hampstead Heath this October, entitled by Tim ‘Softly, As You Leave Me’.  You can catch the rest of the journey here: OverTheHill

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Light Writing

Writing with light on a long exposure is a lot of fun, especially since the results are always a nice surprise and although it takes a little patience, with a bit of experimentation, its better than using the sometimes fake looking photoshop effects available.  Below are a couple of examples.


Inspired by my recent trip to the Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition, I used a torch spun round on a piece of string to create the bands of light which represent the path of an electron. I then overlaid my favourite image of the horsehead nebula which reminds us of the fact that we are created from elements made deep in the heart of burning stars. A nude female sits at the centre of the atom representing birth and creation.

The below image was created by running around the model with a torch. The model needs to stay extremely still, since this is one long exposure.




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